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Medilco Hellas

  Medilco Hellas is one of the top companies in Greek fertilizers sector supporting Greek Agriculture by providing agronomical shops and fertilizers industries with all the categories of fertilizers (granular, crystalline and liquids) as well as trace elements for more than 45 years now.

  Our passion for growth never stops. We are the leaders in high tech specialties fertilizers and our goal is to share our knowledge with growers and help them improve their yields qualitative and quantitative.

Our commitment to the end user is the optimal plant nutrition. That’s why we build long terms cooperation with the best producers’ worldwide trying to offer the best innovative fertilization solutions in competitive and value for money terms.

As the exclusive channel of ICL Fertilizers & ICL Specialty Fertilizers in Greece, we supply exclusively all the range of specialty products produced by its business units worldwide :

Everris Internation BV, Fertilizers & Chemicals, Dead Sea Works, Rotem Amfert Negev, Fuentes Fertilizantes, Amega Sciences, Rotem Europe, ICL Europe Cooperatif.

Herogra Group and more specifically Herogra Especiales which we represent exclusively in Greece and Balkans completes our portfolio with a full range of top quality liquid specialties fertilizers, biostimulants, humates, gels, acids and trace elements.

Specialists in precise nutrition

  Through our central offices in Athens and three terminals in Thessaloniki, Attica and Crete, with expertise sales force in plant nutrition and a network of more than 480 selling points we are next to our partners, with advices, trials, knowhow, after sales support and prompt delivery of goods.

Our goal is to provide a complete product portfolio for all cultivated crops (open field, in greenhouses and tunnels), which covers all methods of application (soil, foliar, Fertigation), accompanied by integrated fertilization solutions.

Plant nutrition with the most suitable nutrients at the right stage of growth results in maximizing the yield and quality.
With Medilco Hellas products you are investing in a crop that is financially and personally rewarding!

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