The advanced foliar feed that boosts crop productivity.
What makes Agroleaf Power unique?
• Agroleaf Power is different from most foliar feeds because of its speedy uptake, high purity and exclusive M-77- technology / DPI-complex addition.
• The effect of Agroleaf Power can already be seen a day after application. The effect of a deeper color, healthier appearance and more growth lasts longer due to the added power booster.
• The purity of Agroleaf Power is proven by its high nutrient content. No chlorides are used.
• High N, High P, High K, Total, Calcium and Magnesium products offer a total season solution. There is a product for every growth stage.

What is M-77 and how does it work?
The Everris research department keeps improving the M-77 package. High- quality base materials are the starting point, but M-77 takes nutrition a step further. M-77 is an exclusive package of compounds that have defined purposes.
The M-77 formula contains:
• Compounds to extend the effective range of chelates
• Functional elements to improve the utilization of nutrients
• Stress-reducing compounds to maintain consistent plant productivity