Nova Magphos 0-55-18 (+7MgO)


Nova Magphos 0-55-18 (+7MgO)

All 3 nutrients in 1 bag


Περιγραφή Προϊόντος

Nova MagPhos 0-55-18+7MgO is a Nitrogen-free, white crystalline, fully soluble, free-flowing Magnesium fertigation fertilizer that also contains Phosphorus and Potassium.

The uniqueness of Nova MagPhos lies in the fact that this product has a high level of Magnesium in combination with a high level of Phosphorus and Potassium while still being slightly acidic. Nova MagPhos is chloride-free and sodium – free, with a high solubility level of 400 g/liter of water (at 20 °C).

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Guarranted Analysis:

Soluble Ρ2Ο5:  55 %
Soluble Κ2Ο :  18 %

Soluble ΜgO:  7 %

Directions for use

Suitable for fertigation or foliar spray, especially at flowering stage.

Net weight: 25kg

Nova Magphos 0-55-18 (+7MgO)