Nova Quick-Mg 0-0-15+13MgO

Nova Quick-Mg 214

Nova Quick-Mg 0-0-15+13MgO

Fast uptake, quick response


Περιγραφή Προϊόντος

Nova Quick-Mg 0-0-15+13MgO is uniquely rich in Potassium and Magnesium which is a blessing for crops which have high K and Mg requirements, like sugar beet, potato, oil palm, tea, sugar cane, banana, pineapple, and many vegetables.

This requirement is often present on tropical soils, where Magnesium deficiencies are very common. The beneficial effects of Nova Quick-Mg are obvious shortly after application. Nova Quick-Mg has a low Sodium content. It is recommended as a replacement for K-Mg fertilizers that add large amounts of Sodium to the soil. This product is white and enjoys very high solubility of 680 g/liter of water (at 20 °C).

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Χημικά Χαρακτηριστικά

Διαλυτό K2O :  15 %
Διαλυτό MgO : 13 %


Directions for use

Suitable for fertigation

Net weight: 25kg

Nova Quick-Mg 0-0-15+13MgO